MicroEdge Microblading Pigments


LI Pigments is recognized as a leader in pigment innovation and has a long, well documented history of producing a comprehensive variety of pigment for the cosmetic tattooing industry. In response to the recent popularity of micro-stroking/microblading, LI’s R&D department created a highly-concentrated line of pigments designed specifically for this specialized technique.
The Micro-Edge line of selective inorganic & organic colorants is creamy in texture with minimal drying properties which make them ideal for eyebrow micro-stroking procedures. This line is designed for the cosmetic tattoo artist who has experience in the micro-stroking technique, as well as experience working with organic and inorganic pigments. The experienced technician will achieve a natural appearing, true-to-color, healed version of micro-stroking shades and can rely on the high quality and safety of the pigment.
The Micro-Edge line includes nine (9) pre-neutralized pigments and one (1) corrector/additive. This line offers selective inorganic and organic colorants as a base and greatly increased concentration levels that will result in consistent, long lasting color. The LI Pigments color identification chart (CIC) will provide all additional color information.
What makes the Micro-Edge Pigments different?
Since the Micro-Edge pigments are formulated specifically for micro-stroking techniques, they have base colorants which are pre-neutralized to avoid ashing out or producing an undesirable color as they age. This unique formulation is further enhanced during the manufacturing processes to provide creamy texture pigments with reduced drying properties which allow implantation with ease specific to the needs of micro-stroking techniques. The colorants used to produce the Micro-Edge pigments are inorganic and organic colorants. These specific Micro-Edge pigments are allowed in the EU and are also safe for Permanent Cosmetics including micro-stroking applications, as the specific pigment/s have passed the EU Resolution ResAP (2008)1. All LI Pigments colorants are tested according to these resolutions, providing a high level of safety and a minimum health risk for our customers. The EU specifications require continuous testing and re-certifications every two (2) years of which LI Pigments abides. LI Pigments has passed all of the EU Resolution’s stringent testing, thus meeting the guidelines within the EU.
Why Inorganic & Organic Pigments for Micro-Stroking Procedures?
The inorganic and organic pigments we have selected provide the client with a true-to-color application. Although pigments are stressed over time from the environment and contact with chemical products, LI Pigments colorants are pre-neutralized to curtail these shifts in color.
Don’t Pigments Change Colors Over Time; such as; Gray, Blue or Other Shades?
There is always a potential for the pigment color to change over time. There are various factors which can contribute to pigment loss and/or color changes. These factors include, but are not limited to, the area of the body being pigmented, sun exposure, client age and health conditions, medications taken, pre and post care treatments, etc. Discoloration is highly dependent on the type of pigment used, the depth at which the pigment is placed in the eyebrow, the technique applied, tools used, etc. Each individual absorbs pigments differently and at different rates; particularly when dealing with the eyebrow tissue. There will always be a slight change in perception of color when comparing the immediately after and healed appearances.

Micro-stroking Pigments

The CIC chart is provided as a guide to color selection for the applicable service being provided. The Eyebrow and Modifier/Corrector sections have additional temperature and light-to-dark information with an associated temperature chart* and light-to-dark scale** located at the conclusion of the Modifier/Corrector section.
Notwithstanding the attention to accuracy and detail provided, how a color example appears is dependent upon the color settings on computer monitors and if printed, the color settings on the printer. When used for an applicable permanent cosmetic service, colors are also subject to being greatly influenced by the skin undertone of the client; the artist’s technique, and the needle grouping used.
The CIC consists of many pages covering all groups of Micro-Edge. Each CIC page is numbered. If you wish to print only a specific group, select the applicable group's page(s) on the print selection option of your printer menu.
The CIC is a living document. LI Pigments is constantly working to provide its valued customers the latest technology in permanent cosmetic pigments.
DISCLAIMER: This Color Identification Chart (CIC) consists only of suggestions and recommendations for working with the Micro-Edge Pigment Line and is NOT intended to replace education or training in permanent cosmetics & micro-stroking procedures or color theory. This document is for information purposes only.
This information is furnished without warranty, expressed or implied, except that it is accurate to the best knowledge of LI Pigments. The data on these sheets relate only to the specific material designated herein. LI Pigments assumes no legal responsibility for use or reliance upon this data.

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