Eyebrow Starter Kit Cool 13 Pigments 15ml

Eyebrow Starter Kit Cool 13 Pigments 15ml

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This starter kit contains Teryn's favorite eyebrow colors she calls her "Core Colors". These are the colors she works with for all eyebrow procedures...as shown, facebook and LI Pigments Group.


This kit contains 13 pigments (9 eyebrow colors and 4 modifiers)...

Breve, Taupe, Cream Latte, Autumn Gold, Hazelnut, Expresso, Cocoa, Ebony Brown, Auburn, Olive Mod, Non-Violet, Un-Grey, and Lighten Up.


These are all the colors you will need to create beautiful custom eyebrow tones for your clients. Although the colors are beautiful right out of the bottle...they mix and harmonize so well together that it's fun to mix.

This kit contains all your modifiers to do corrective work and add to your pigment mixes as needed. It also contains Lighten-Up for lightening any brow color. Also, if a brow as healed a bit too dark...tattoo two coats of Lighten Up (procedure should be 6 weeks healed) and brow will lighten 2-3 shades. Ebony Brown will also serve as a rich dark brown Eyeliner color.


A Color Identification Chart (CIC) will be emailed to you with your order. The CIC describes each color...the base...the temperature...and a description of how each color is best used. It will help you learn these colors and give you some good mixing recipes.

The buy 10 get one free discount has been calculated into the cost of the kit.


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