Mary Ritcherson Practice Pads 5 pack (Test Your Depth)**SPECIAL**

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TEST YOUR Micro Blading Depth

Each pack contains 5x practice pads each pad has 8 sets of brows to practice on so you have 40 sets in each pack ! This will give you the practice you need to get your measuring techniques up to scratch. 40 Models !! Amazing for learning symmetry.


MR Practice pads can be used for machine or Microblading. You can pre-draw using a pencil or brow pencil. Start Tattooing/Microblading by pressing lightly, If you cut through the mat, you are going too deep. They are single use and wipe-able. The best are baby wipes to wipe off the pigments. This is a great tool for placement,and laying the hairstrokes utilizing a naural hair pattern..

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