Dark COFFEE @ *New Product*

  • $56.50

Dark Coffee  (MUST HAVE) Slightly darker than Dark TOFFEE

L-D 4 Cool

Yellow & Green
Inorganic & Organic

This is a beautiful dark brown color

Use alone on Fitzpatrick III-VI skin types.

Dark Coffee.- is a color that has a base of yellow & green, but also has some yellow orange on it which makes this color less cool, but is still a darker color. This is also a good stand-alone color for people with Fitzpatrick III -VI, in some cases it may need to add some modifier all depending on the coolness of the skin. 
Dark coffee is a color that is a little bit darker than Dark Toffee, but there is not much of difference between these two colors, both colors have been pre-neutralized and are a good stand- alone colors.

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