Fixing Agent Black Ecuri

Fixing Agent Black Ecuri

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Fixing Agent Black is not a pigment but a catalyzer which make the strokes stay better, thinner, crispy and more dark in the skin.

When a pigment goes into the skin, it is a liquid. It takes some time to get from liquid into the solid crystal structure (dry time). Later on the pigment will be encapsulated. During this period, the pigment is very vulnerable. This is why we as technicians and clients, has to be so careful with the pigmentation. During the healing period and dry time, pigment can be rejected, or migrate in the skin. This gives thick and sometimes blurry strokes. Fixing Agent Black speeds up the dry time. Pigment gets into crystal structure in minutes. This also speeds up the healing time. You still have to be very careful with your pigmentation, but due to Fixing Agent Black, pigment heals much faster and more beautiful in the skin.

How to use Fixing Agent Black?
After you have made 2 or 3 strokes, apply with Micro-brush and rub in the stroke with the stem of the brush. Immediately after press well with kleenex for 10 to 20 seconds.

For Crispy Hair Strokes

Ecuri Fixing Agent Black is a revolutionary product which causes hair strokes to not repel or migrate.
Fixing agent black ensures that the pigment which is inserted into the skin will harden in a few seconds.
As a result, the repulsion is reduced to a minimum and is the probability that the strokes migrate substantially zero.
This results in hair strokes that after healing remain the same as when they were inserted.
Ecuri Fixing Agent Black ensures that the pigment will crystallize after about 30 seconds.
Your skin can easily move liquid pigment but crystallized pigment is much more difficult.
This gives you a lot less repulsive and you also don't get blurry strokes.

After putting three or four strokes, you rub Ecuri Fixing Agent Black in with a brush.
Then press with a dry tissue for at least 10 seconds. It will also stops bleeding.

Fixing Agent Black is a safe product that ensures that the hairstrokes heal tightly and crispy in the skin. Fixing Agent Black is not a pigment but an adjuvant that ensures that the applied pigment crystallizes in the skin much faster. Once the pigment is in crystal form, it can no longer run or be repelled.