Eyeliner Colours

Traditional Eyeliner Colours:

Fashion Eyeliner Colours:

Halo Eyeliner/Eyeshadow Colours:

Eyeliner Halos are subtle colors most often used as soft, shaded, powder effects above top eyelid eyeliners. May also be used as an eyeliner color, however, the end result will be very subtle compared to more intense standard eyeliner colors. It may also be used as subtle lower eyeliners.

To use as a halo over a top eyelid eyeliner: Once you have tattooed the eyeliner, the selected halo color is tattooed directly above the upper eyelid eyelash enhancement or top eyelid eyeliner and blended down onto the liner top edge. For eyelash enhancements, place the halo color adjacent to the eyelash line to enhance a darker enhancement color.