Scalp Pigments

Hair Scalp Pigments

LI Pigments, the leader in pigment innovation is proud to introduce an exciting new pigment technology: the LI Scalp Series. This unique line of pigments is designed for use in Scalp Micropigmentation. Also referred as SMP, Scalp Micropigmentation is a permanent cosmetic “tattoo” that mimics the appearance of very short hairs of a closely shaved scalp. This new technique gives an individual the appearance of a full head of closely shaved hair, and a natural looking hair line. This innovate procedure is an excellent alternative styling option for men and women with scaring, alopecia, general thinning of the hair, or for those who are not candidates for hair transplant surgery.
The LI Scalp line is a comprehensive collection of natural hair colors that do not require correctors or mixing. A rigorous and lengthy testing period was necessary to create a formulation of colors that appear natural and when used properly do not change. SMP is a unique procedure that requires a technician who has been formally trained in the procedure as well as traditional permanent cosmetics and extensive color theory. The technician should also have significant practical experience with an understanding of all factors that impact pigment color retention such as sun exposure, client age, health conditions, medications, etc., depth of implantation, needle selection, etc. The LI Scalp line will produce remarkably natural, long lasting results in the hands of a trained, experienced technician.
Are these Pigments approved to use in Scalp Micropigmentation?
Like traditional permanent cosmetics, scalp micropigmentation is not currently regulated in the United States. However, the LI Scalp line of pigments is allowed in the EU as safe for Permanent Cosmetics including Hair Scalp application, as they have passed the EU Resolution ResAP (2008)1. All LI Pigments/Colorants are tested according to these resolutions, providing a high level of safety and minimum health risk to our customers. The EU specifications require continuous testing and re-certifications every two (2) years. LI Pigments are diligent in abiding by these specifications and have passed all the EU Resolutions stringent testing; meeting all the guidelines within the EU.


What Does the Pigment Color Look Like After the Procedure?
Typical to a tattoo or permanent cosmetics application, immediately after the procedure, the scalp will look slightly pink, somewhat similar to a sunburn. In lighter skin tones, this coloration will be more pronounced. This pink skin appearance should dissipate within 48-72 hours. The pigment may appear more pronounced until the scalp has been washed, the excess pigment removed and healing process begins. The healed appearance will be that of a full head of closely shaved hair. Dependent on the client, type of skin etc., the pigment will fade as it settles in after the healing process. Touch-up applications are then performed after this settlement to fill in areas that were missed and/or faded.

Can the LI Scalp Organic Pigments be Mixed/Blended with the LI Scalp Inorganic Pigments?
LI Pigments formulated the Scalp pigments to be custom blended if desired. It is easy to create ‘Hybrid’ shades for that specific hair color you are seeking. The LI Scalp Organic can also be used as an “additive” agent to another companion color shade of the LI Scalp Inorganic color to adjust the standard color to a less dense formulation; thereby further maximizing your hair scalp results. It is important to note that the inorganic pigments contain iron oxides and once they are mixed in with any organic pigments, they are no longer considered pure organic. Depending on the amount of inorganic pigment added, you may see a reduction in the longevity of the hair scalp procedure. Again, experience is the key to success in mixing whether it’s simply colors or organic and inorganic formulations.

DISCLAIMER: This Color Identification Chart (CIC) consists only of suggestions and recommendations for working with the LI Hair Scalp Pigment Series and is NOT intended to replace education or training in cosmetic & scalp tattooing procedures or color theory. This document is for information purposes only.
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