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Aqua™ & Velvet™ Pigments Micro pigmentation (Permanent Cosmetic) Pigment Colours are specially formulated to minimise touch-ups leaving clients with beautiful colour months and even years later!


    Other Info:

    • What is the difference between Aqua and Velvet? Aqua is a cream, water-based formulation; Velvet is a glycerine base formulation.  Because of this Velvet will be thicker. However, since both are manufactured at our facilities, there is no problem with mixing the 2 different formulations together.  However, keep in mind to mix thoroughly in order to keep the mixtures of the glycerine base and water base together. DO NOT mix from different company pigments together.  We don't recommend or advise to mix pigments made from a different manufacturer.

    • Why are LI Pigments so good? In a nutshell - Li Pigments are so good because they perform well, last long and do not change colour!

      A lot has to do with the manufacturing processes: the way the pigment is made, blended, broken down, and mixed. The concentrated levels and most importantly, the fusion method of the pigments. Recognising the need for not only safe pigments that stay, but pigments that will hold true to colour over time and not change colour, Li Pigments realised that with a few simple formula modifications and a unique mixing process, they had developed a pigment line that would out perform any other. Li Pigments introduced “Fusion Technology” to the industry back in 1992 revolutionising the permanent makeup industry.

      Once Li Pigments accomplished this remarkable result in pigment performance, they developed and released their own pigment line. Hence in 1998 Aqua™ & Velvet™ were born with this unique process to fuse ingredients for natural long lasting true colour.  Darlene Story, the owner and developer of Li Pigments is a brilliant pigment maker and Aqua & Velvet is her baby. Aqua & Velvet has been in existence for 16 years now.  She has had 16 years to make this pigment line what it is today.  She is consistently learning new ways to make this line even better and applies these new technologies to the Aqua & Velvet line. Every single pigment/colour formulation in the Aqua & Velvet line are unique and exclusive to the Aqua & Velvet line.

      Why they are gamma radiated and why are they to be considered safer than some of the other options?
      With sterilisation you are killing all the spores so the pigment  is bacterial safe to use. For safe pigments, you want to use pigments from reliable manufacturers that follow all the current GMPS (Good Manufacturing Practices) and produces the final pigment product from safe ingredients approved to be used.  Since there are no specific laws in the US regarding permanent cosmetics and tattooing; there ARE  laws, guidelines and regulations in Europe so Li Pigments as a company adheres to those regulations in EU and pass all the EU testing as such.

      Li Pigments go above and beyond what is required of them by also using Sterile water in all their formulations….NOT distilled. Having a state of the art water sterilisation system put in to place in their factory was extremely expensive for them to do so and not required…but Li Pigments is a company that always puts safety and quality first and foremost.