UN-Gray   “Must-have

UN-Gray “Must-have

  • $59.50

L-D 3 Temp:Warm +5

Orange Inorganic

A warm pumpkin color.


Formulated specifically for the correction of stubborn dark gray; charcoal gray; or stubborn darker blue brows.

May be used alone if the gray or blue is dark and dense. Use as a 50% additive to the target color if the stubborn gray or blue is sheer in the skin and is not dark and dense.

Add to any mid-range to dark eyebrow colors (see Cocoa through Ebony Brown eyebrow colors) for additional warmth. Not recommended as an additive to blondes or lighter brown shades.


May add a very small amount of UnGray to black eyeliner colors for clients with very cool eyelid undertones to maintain the blackness of the pigment in the skin.


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