LI-FT Tattoo lightening solution

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Only sold to trained technicians with a certificate for Saline Removal. Full Instructions and Aftercare Instructions included with your first purchase. Please mention in the comments on your order. Can be used with machine and specific Handtools , Please email your certificate to before this product gets sent out.

We are proud to announce the launch of the revolutionary LI-FT pigment lightening solution now made available to our loyal customers for purchase.

The LI-FT Product

In 1999, LI Pigments introduced within our Private Label sector, pigment lightening formulations.

Based on high demands to have a lightening solution within our line, LI Pigments has chosen a unique formulation previously retracted to meet the requests of all our loyal customers. Thus, LI Pigments is proud to announce the launch of LI-FT™, an incredible lightening solution that safely removes pigment from the face and small areas of the body.

The LI-FT was designed for the professional artist who has trained, is licensed and insured with experience working with pigment lightening formulas or who has taken an advanced class on the appropriate usage of these formulas to achieve safe removals to accommodate the outcome desires of their client.

The LI-FT “Use and Directions” consists only of suggestions and recommendations for working with the LI-FT and is NOT intended to replace education or training in tattoo removal procedures. Li Pigments assumes no legal responsibility for use or reliance upon this data.

LI-FT is for body art professionals (traditional and cosmetic tattooist only). Technicians are advised to contact their insurance carrier regarding appropriate coverage. If tattoo lightening (removal) is not covered on your general policy, a separate policy may be required. Professional tattoo lightening insurance coverage is required for use of LI-FT.

➢ Results will vary depending on, but not limited to, the client’s skin condition, health profile, the ability to heal well, the type and color of pigment to be lightened, depth of pigment placement, technique used, the configuration of the needle used (this product is not to be used with a micro-blading device), and compliance with the LI-FT aftercare instructions. Some tattoo lightening procedures will be more or less successful than others based on these factors.

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