Eyebrow and Eye Water Protective shields Visors For Aftercare

  • $27.50
  • Save $2.45

Protect your work and client's money with our new water protective visors.

Showering made easy! Made to reflect water particles from touching your eyebrows, eyeliner, or eyelashes when showering.

Impress your clients with this important part of the "aftercare", and hand them two to help them protect the tattoo Eyeliners and Brows, Tattoo Removal (KEEP DRY) or even Lash extensions and Ball Make up. Great For MAKE UP artists to supply their client.

Comes in a pack of 50 or Bulk pack of 100 visors. If applying for Permanent Makeup Eyebrows, make sure the adhesive is not touching the eyebrows.

Can be cut in half and used to cover the lips by placing the sticky edge on the upper lip. There are so many uses for these amazing Visors.

Pack of 50 Visors

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