Areola Aesthetics Ultimate Guide Areola Tattooing

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MediTatt focuses on developing your knowledge in both the anatomy and aesthetics of the nipple
areola complex including enhancing your understanding of the mastectomy and breast
reconstruction process, while providing you with advanced theoretical training to design and
perform 3D nipple areola complex tattooing
The Ultimate Guide for Continuing Professional Development in Nipple Areola Tattooing.
Want to Improve Your Post Graduate Skills, Knowledge and Education to Deliver an Enhanced
Professional Service to Your Patients?
In Areola Aesthetics, Christine Comans explains every step in the oncologic surgery of the breast, all
the way through from anatomy of the breast, breast cancer, mastectomy, adjuvant therapies,
reconstructive surgery of the breast, leading all the way to areola aesthetics forming part of the
treatment plan in breast reconstruction.
Inside of this book you will learn:
 An Over View of Breast Cancer
 Anatomy and Physiology of the Breast
 Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery of the Breast
 Reconstructive Surgery of the Breast
 Oncologic Surgery of the Breast
 Areola Aesthetics
 And Much More
Each chapter provides you with a clear explanation of the science of each process. After reading this
book you will not only know more about breast cancer and the related surgeries and treatments, but
you will also have a better understanding of working with the human skin and the science behind
the integumentary system and of how to care for your patients in clinical practice.
This is the perfect book for professionals seeking continued professional development in areola
aesthetics and 3D nipple areola tattooing. Cosmetic tattoo, permanent makeup and
micropigmentation professionals if you provide clinical services of nipple-areola tattooing this is the
ultimate guide to enhance your knowledge, techniques and education.

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