Beaded Line BOW Marking Tool plus String & pigment applying pads

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Brow Mapping Bow type Caliper with 10 Strings


Our Beaded Level Bow Line mapping tool is excellent for Microblading or PMU technicians.

It helps measure and map brows using the string which is attached to the caliper with added spirit level to make sure your rule is straight. 

The pack includes 10meters of string which you can easily attach to the caliper and run pigment along the string.

Directions for Use: 

From the bottom of the tool wrap the string around the tiny wheel pull up and wrap around top wheel and voila !

Attach the string, rub over with either pigment or a marking pencil and start mapping.

Measuring Bow Starter Kit comes with everything needed to use the Bow tool when mapping brows on your clients, as well as some accessories. The Bow tool offers an incredibly easy and efficient method for mapping brows, allowing you to spend more time creating stunning brow for your clients by making the pre-draw process quicker than ever.  

The Bow Kit can be used with either pre inked string or non inked.

The kit includes the following: 
Bow Measuring Tool with Spirit level 
Pigment Applying pads 
Inkless String (10 Meters)

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