Kwadron Optima Needle Cartridges

  • $29.50
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SALE ALL $29.50 while stocks last Kwadron cartridges have a safety membrane.

Designed specifically for cosmetic tattoo work.

The Optima PMU range of twist to fit cartridges from Kwadron are compatible with many tattoo machines including Starlit, Cheyenne, Bishop, Rook, FK Irons (Spektra, Xion, Bellar,)  Equaliser, Scalpa, and many others.

These cartridges are ultra-sharp and have a unique stabilisation system. 

The transparent casing allows you to monitor the pigment in the cartridge.

We supply Long taper cartridges.

Amazing cartridges for PMU made to an exceptionally high quality standard.

Made for Professional use only.    20 cartridges per box.

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