Mini Pin Skin Needling Device

  • $299.00

The Mini-pin is absolutely safe for home use the machine comes with one Needle Cartridge included with the Machine.

The penetration power and working depth have been adapted to consumer use.

Cartridges are disposable (if using on self only cartridge may be used up to 3-4 times Maximum but must be sanitized and disinfected with alcohol after each use). Needles have a depth of 0.25 mm.

These are Single Use Cartridges and should NEVER be shared with another Person.

Cartridges available in Singles or Boxes of 4 (value Pack).

Each cartridge is sealed in sterile packaging with lot number and expiration date printed. 

 Medical grade micro needling device designed for in-home personal use. 

Used for wrinkle softening and reduction, skin rejuvenation, acne scars softening, stimulate collagen and elastin production, and even hair restoration stimulation. . 

Hyaluronic face Serum is recommended and products used must be made for Micro-Needling. Do not use normal everyday cosmetic products,Serums,creams etc. for skin Needling as this may lead to an adverse reaction.

The battery of the Mini Pin is charged with a USB cable which comes with your machine.

Micro-Needling has become a very popular treatment technique for effective skin improvement and anti-aging.

The Mini-Pin is for home use and will not replace professional in salon treatments.

Professionals in salons and clinics work with professional micro-needling equipment that ensures powerful and deep penetration.

 The new Mini-Pin is sold by beauty salons/ Beauty Clinics to their customers.

This form of self-care offers real added value for the consumer.

The Mini-Pin is lightweight, easy to use activated at the touch of a button and the consumer can give himself a short but powerful micro-needling treatment with the correct product in the mirror.

For beauty salons/Clinics,the Mini-pin and the cartridges are ideal products to resell together with the right cosmetics for home use.


  1. Safety needles with sterilization at 0.25mm 
  2. No pain-needles with micro size and speed of machine No anesthetics needed.
  3. Effective, quick results from powerful motor over Needling Rollers

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