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Description: A Beautiful Deep Dark Brown Color.  Depending on the skin type, the needle and technique used, Mustang will heal between a deep, dark brown to a soft black.  Mustang is slightly pre-modified.  On some clients with very cool skin tones, additional warmth may be needed.

The skin type, your depth, needle and technique used will determine the tone of color in the healed result.

Loaded colors are pre-modified and only a small percentage of the time will any additional warmth need to be added.  When it does it is most likely with the dark colors only, not the light to medium colors.  Almost never will you need to add any warmth to the light to medium colors...if you do then use Gold Dust NOT Warm Sunset.  These colors are exceptionally strong, pre-modified and a small amount goes a long way.  Please use caution adding Warm Sunset when you shouldn't will cause your clients brows to look orange as you are working on them or cause them to heal orange or both.  

Temperature: Very Cool

Base: Black & Brown with small amount of warmth

Fitzpatrick: IV,V & VI  and Asian skin tones


  • Our NEW Strong organic formulation
  • Exceptionally high pigment load 
  • Heals with exceptionally high color 
  • More vivid finish 
  • Implants and Oxidizes fast 
  • Does not dilute with fluid contact 
  • Doesn't dry out too fast 
  • Minimal modifying 
  • Longer lasting 
  • Stable aging 

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