StarLite Tattoo Power Supply

  • $149.00
  • Save $150


StarLit Small, elegant and sleek, with a very friendly User interface flat digital display touch screen showing the voltage.

central power button, two buttons that allow for the increase or decrease of voltage during procedures.

The StarLit comes in black and has illuminated multi-coloured LED lights that change to indicate voltage range.

The base contains magnets allowing it to be mounted to metal workstations. 

Power cable inserts from back of Power supply so only two inlets in the front for ease of use.

Features of the StarLit Power Supply include: 

  • Compatible with coil and rotary machines
  • Magnets for attaching to your workstation
  • Power input in back of Controller so no extra wire in the front.
  • No need for a foot pedal if you run continuous mode
  • Can take 2 machine or 1 machine and Foot pedal
  • two machines can be run at different Voltages.
  • 0.1 Voltage adjustment 
  • Input 110-240 V 
  • Accepts standard 1/4″ clip cord and foot pedal connections
  • Easily covered with a sheet of barrier film
  • 1 year full manufacturer's warranty

1 year manufacturer warranty.

This product is compatible with the Xion, Rook, And many Tattoo pens 

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